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Flamenco Montana Adult Classes are also offered in Victoria’s home studio. Private or small group classes may be arranged to fit your schedule by contacting us through this website or by calling 406-542-9270.  

General Adult Class Info:

Beginning Flamenco                                                                                                This class builds a foundation, appropriate for beginning students or those wishing to polish technique. Focus on techniques specific to flamenco such as braceo or arm movement, footwork, floreo or hand movement, and palmas, along with universal dance techniques such as working correctly, body line and posture, and interpretation.

Continuing Flamenco                                                                             Intermediate to Advanced technique in flamenco and Spanish regional styles, including castanets, with increased complexity of choreography and emphasis on interpretation of various palos.  The works include use of manton and abanico.  Placement, line, compas and interpretation are our focus.

Fees: $30 per month, one class hour; $50 per month two class hours; $10 per class by arrangement

Classes may include castanets, which are available from the studio for use or purchase.                                                            

Private classes are available to fit your personal goals and schedule, $30 per hour session. Contact Victoria to arrange yours! Use our contact page or call her at 406-542-9270. 

It isn't necessary to purchase special shoes or clothing before trying flamenco. A skirt for girls and women, and low heeled shoes for all people, are just fine! We are here to assist if you wish to purchase shoes or boots, and other flamenco clothing and accessories.



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