The Joy of Anticipation / by Victoria Lenihan

Now, miraculously, all venues are set, schedule arranged, for an amazing three days with Solero Flamenco in Missoula.  From our first engagements with Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre and the Top Hat to our most recent connection with Missoula International School and Flathead Lake Brewing Company's Galaxy Room, the planning has been rewarding.  As a wise friend said to me today regarding the requests and refusals for the Saturday night venue, "With every no, I'm one no closer to a yes."  Thank you, Missoula, for opening your doors to an art form you aren't quite sure it in partners? is it salsa? what are those clappers?  For everyone with questions about flamenco, this is your dream weekend.  Arte, Salud, Amor y Teo would say.  Thank you for allowing this ancient art into your lives. I give you my word you will not be disappointed.