The Many Means of Communicating / by Victoria Lenihan

Publicizing an event is no more difficult than breaking free of the Kraken or conquering the Lernaean Hydra.  Everyone who might want to know needs to know when Solero Flamenco performs for the first time in Montana!  Reaching out to not only dancers, but guitarists, percussionists, singers, aficionados, new enthusiasts: print ad in Lively Times (they create the best ads), the Flamenco Montana email list, Eventful, MissoulaEvents, online Indy and Missoulian ads, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter? hand deliveries of information packets to the University of Montana departments, other studios and teachers.  When at last all are covered, everything good is ready to happen.  I've often said it's tricky to figure out an advertising strategy that would reach the other five people interested in flamenco in the state of Montana, but as each year progresses, I'm finding there are way more than five.  And I'm so grateful to do my part creating ways for all of us to share this ancient and venerable art. Sometimes people even learn about an event by just talking to other people!