The Search for the Next Toehold / by Victoria Lenihan

Like the many Facebook posts of mountain goats scaling vertical cliffs and strong people enriched by the thrills of rock climbing, sharing and presenting the art of Spanish dance and flamenco here in Montana is an ascent worth every slip, grip and slide.  It's exciting to reach for the next toehold as opportunities unfold to host great artists such as Solero Flamenco and Ricardo Diaz, along with our Flamenco Montana Festival September artists Antonio Hidalgo Paz, Carlos Lomas, and Vicente Griego.  I'm ever grateful for the essential spirit and natural beauty which draw flamenco artists to our mountain town, for the diversity of Missoula which supports the arts in so many forms, and for the venue managers who are open to providing space, even at short notice, when the wave of flamenco washes over our cliffs.